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Property Maintenance & Building Maintenance

New Zealand Property Practice offers comprehensive and tailored property maintenance solutions for all types of commercial property. We service and deliver ongoing maintenance projects. Our projects range from large scale to smaller commercial property maintenance needs.

New Zealand Property Practice’s team have a combined 15 years experience in property maintenance. Our service is always dedicated and professional. We are experienced in managing the full gamut of property maintenance needs. We recruit qualified contractors who must pass a rigorous screening process to meet regulatory compliance. Over and above one off maintenance tasks, we can also set up programmed building maintenance plans to keep your land and buildings appreciating capital value.

Property Maintenance Services

property maintenance and building painting

Building Painting

Height Access

Window Cleaning

Roof Repair

Leaky Building Services

Building Washing

Water Proofing

Building Maintenance & Property Maintenance

Whether your property maintenance need is a building wash or paint, New Zealand Property Practice have the team for the job. We tailor services to the specifics of your property and to your Opex/Capex cash flow. Our services range from managing health and safety, height access, building washing and gutter cleaning to waterproofing and managing leaky buildings.

You will have access to a true one stop shop for all your property needs, from property management through to property maintenance.

Our professional services team of certified technicians will see that your project is in capable hands.

Painting & Graffiti Removal

New Zealand Property Practice trade sector have the experience and knowledge necessary to meet commercial painting and graffiti removal needs. We are specialists in those tricky jobs requiring height access and extra diligence in managing health and safety. We do everything from internal and external roof painting to industrial flooring and epoxy solutions.

Building Inspections – Surveys & Reports

We provide surveying and inspection reports with photos and documentation of any areas that will require remedial or maintenance work. Our team of tradespeople are qualified in building inspections and can access areas that are at a height or hard to reach or see. With this information, building owners have the chance to act before a minor repair becomes a major problem.

Prior to commencing any remedial repair work on a building, we make sure can safely access areas at height by abseiling or using a drone to view corrosion and leaks. Then, based on our findings, we plan the remedial process. 

Plumbing, Electrical, & other Building Maintenance

We can provide a range of trade services for small and large scale property maintenance needs, including electrical and plumbing. All electrical, plumbing and building maintenance is carried out by experienced, certified and Site-Safe trades contractors, and often include guarantees on workmanship and material.

Gutter, Roof Repair & Maintenance

Without a healthy roof and spouting, your building will be at risk of leaking and harm from New Zealand’s harsh environmental aggressors.

If the gutter system and roofing are not maintained and repaired on schedule, these aggressors will eventually cause major problems. Eventually, a building which has no leaky building issues will suffer expensive leaky building problems. 

From repairs and maintenance to roof replacements and extensions, New Zealand Property Practice trades offers a complete roofing and waterproofing service. We have experienced tradespeople who specialize in leak detection, flashing and general property maintenance repairs. We will inspect, manage and execute the work to the highest standards of quality and compliance for all your maintenance needs.

Ecologically Sound Building Wash
property maintenance building washing
Building Washing
Roofing property maintenance
Roof Inspection for Survey & Reporting
height access building maintenance
Height Access Building Maintenance
height access building maintenance
Building Maintenance – Cladding Up Keep
Upholding industry standards is important to us.
That’s why NZPP and its staff are members and graduates of professional associations and educational institutes.


New Zealand Property Practice (NZPP) is a specialist property consultancy. We deliver technical excellence in a range of property services to corporate and private land estate holders.


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