Environmentally Friendly & Sustainable Building Washing

When a building is left a long time between washes, major deterioration of the integrity of the buildings cladding and the structural viability of that cladding system can occur. Unwashed surfaces leave the material components exposed to dirt aggressors that significantly degrade and alter the material, and reduce its lifespan. The conditions in building insurance and building material warranties often specify that it is the property owner’s responsibility to prove reasonable maintenance of the building further to suffering damage. Without maintenance, cladding system warranties may be declared void, even if deterioration is not the apparent cause. This leaves building owners exposed to expensive repairs.

Building & Roof Washing

New Zealand Property Practice offers building washing services for residential, commercial, retail and industrial buildings. High-rise or small scale, we come prepared.

New Zealand Property Practice trades have proven methods that promote environmentally sustainable building washing solutions. Our team is trained to carry out building washes in full compliance with legislation, to avoid expensive fines for the building owner. We shine at height access. We are never happier than when gearing up our height access equipment or our expert team of abseilers. Because we are also property and asset managers, we know how to best incorporate a long term maintenance plan into the operating OPEX budget/cash flow of the property. We work with the building and property owners to make sure that we improve the capital value and life of buildings we maintain and manage.

Scheduling regular building washing helps prevent major damage. It extends the life of the building and adds capital value. 

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Low rise Building Washing



Our custom-built equipment means safe and easy access to difficult areas of a building. It eliminates scaffolding and expensive height access costs.



All our certified height access trade contractors are committed to delivering an outstanding job. We are fully trained and qualified to operate our equipment, and have an excellent health and safety policy.



We use bio-degradable, environmentally sustainable methods and products when building washing. We make it our business to ensure that impact on the environment is minimized or eliminated.

Benefits of Washing Buildings

Leaving a lasting impression

The value of any building is driven by the initial impression it makes. What does a dirty building say? Getting your building washed means promoting your building as a well maintained asset.

Keep maintenance costs down

With regular washing, a host of potential maintenance problems can be averted. Many other issues can be spotted early to avoid costly repair bills. This means that in the long term, your upkeep costs will be kept to a minimum.

Protect your investment

A clean building is less susceptible to the corrosive effects of salt and acidic air pollution.

Retain your warranties

Manufacturing warranties often require that you regularly clean your roof or cladding to maintain their validity.

Meet your insurance requirements

Most insurers require a regular maintenance plan. We work with you to schedule cleaning and maintenance checks to protect you against potential insurance loopholes.

Ecologically Sound Building Wash

We can treat you to an ecologically sound, natural washing service. Our cleaning products are made from plants and minerals to leave no harsh chemical fumes or residue.

All cleaning formulas we use are formulated to quickly penetrate, emulsify, and remove soils. Having mastering the technique of applying non-corrosive cleaning formulas, our building wash removes soil just as well as traditional heavy chemical based cleaners. This gentler approach is better for the environment and the longevity of the building’s cladding system.

Ecologically Sound Building Wash
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Height Access Building Washing
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Height Access Washing
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