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Every day, our expert team offer  property advice and tailored  solutions in a wide range of  specialist property consultancy  services. We can assist you  with a stand-alone service or a  tailored package to meet your  specific requirements. With legal and architectural  expertise, and property  management and acquisition  experience, we cover a wide variety of professional  property services, including  commercial property and asset  management. Our extensive  property consultancy service  includes property studies,  property reporting, strategic  planning, and real estate  acquisitions. We assist for  newcomer and established  commercial property owners  and their tenants, as well as  large corporations with complex  infrastructure requirements.

Asset Management services from New Zealand Property Practice  focus on managing property assets. Our services encompass the financial management of an investment property, including  management of legal issues. Asset management services can extend to managing both acquisition and property strategy and  the long-term planning of a property in order to maximise long-  range profitability.

Tenant Selection 

We know that the quality of the tenants directly affects the  value of any commercial property. We work with an appointed  Leasing Agent to select high performing and commercially  viable tenants for our clients. We then establish and maintain  high-quality tenant relationships that enable us to provide  continuity for the property’s income long term.


Lease Renewal & Rent Review


New Zealand Property Practice adopts a proactive approach  to commercial property. We implement forward planning for  lease review, renewal and expiration. We
discuss important  upcoming lease dates with tenants, and negotiate terms up to 
six months in advance, depending on our clients’ requirements. Our aim is to make sure our clients’ best interests are met. We  do this through our experience negotiating with tenants, and  our expert understanding of the legalities governing legislation  like Property Law Act 2007, the Contract and Commercial Law Act 2017 and the Contraction Contracts Act 2002. Our  aim is 100% occupancy. We drive for this using our forward  planning policies and processes. These ensure we can focus  on increasing returns and eliminating and reducing negative  outcomes.


Lease Advisory


The accurate management and forecasting of lease milestones  is essential to any commercial property landlord. Done  efficiently, lease administration can become
one of the  landlord’s greatest assets. It can provide clarity for future cash flow needs, investment feasibility and profitability.


Rent & Arrears Collection


Due to our knowledge and understanding of managing  commercial leases, and our expert legal knowledge of governing legislation such as the Property Law Act 2007, we  have an unblemished track record of collecting tenant rent and  arrears. 



NZPP design and implement small  and large-scale acquisition projects. Previous  briefs our team has dealt with include network campaigns for telecommunication  infrastructure. We manage the process and stakeholders for projects ranging from  essential infrastructure to investment and  development. 

An acquisition and disposal project, designed from concept, is a great tool for  generating diverse commercial benefits. In  our research and design of site acquisition  campaigns, we include detailed risk criteria  and risk mitigation policies. 

Regardless of the size, structure or nature of your property or property business, we can help you to achieve your goals. In addition to delivering quality, accurate financial statements and tax accounting advice, we also offer a range of specialist services to improve your profitability and performance, meet auditing requirements, increase risk  management, capitalise on opportunities, develop exit strategies and generally  add  financial security and value to your property or property business. 

Our proposed focus for any client is to document a  comprehensive Better Business Case Model (BBC), with a  long term investment focus on reducing operational expenses.  Reducing operating expenses can often result in reduced  resistance from tenants when it comes time to increase the  lease rental. This provides owners with reduced costs and  liability, while at the same time maintaining the integrity and  value of the asset, buildings and facilities.

New Zealand Property Practice develops a comprehensive  Better Business Case (BBC) models. Implementing the BBC  model streamlines capital projects and allows us to provide  our clients with a clear vision of the future for their assets. It  helps set higher and more strategic goals for the property.

Correct planning and goal setting for portfolios is an important aspect that  needs to be taken into consideration when reviewing the day-to-day operation  of each individual asset within a portfolio. With a clear and accurate long-term  portfolio plan in place, each action, each plan and each decision for each asset  can be combined and aligned to ensure that the long-term goal for the owner  or operator of the portfolio can be easily realised.

Facilities management consultancy with New Zealand Property Practice. Improve property portfolio functionality, comfort, safety and efficiency, by integrating people, places, processes and  technology. 


Fire Safety




Doors, Lifts &  Elevators


Security & Access  Control Systems


Repairs, Refurbishments &  Renovations



Fit-outs & Relocations  


Commercial cleaning & associated services 

Stand-alone help desk and call center offerings


Energy (electricity and gas)  supply & monitoring


Central plant




24/7 help desk services

Asset management services 

Operational resourcing

Building compliance 

Maintenance planning & systems 


Health & Safety plans, training


Distribution  Test and tag

Emergency lighting  Thermal imaging


Backup power systems  Lamp replacement

Comprehensive and tailored property maintenance solutions for commercial property. We  service and deliver ongoing maintenance projects. From large scale to smaller commercial  property maintenance needs to programmed maintenance plans that keep your assets appreciating capital value. NZPP is a true one stop shop for all your property needs, from property management to  maintenance. All our services are designed to be environmentally sustainable, and can be  tailored to your Opex or Capex cash flow. 

Our industry experience and understanding of regulatory  change allows us to keep up with legislative changes that  the commercial property industry undergoes. This means  we can minimise our client’s risk of health and safety  related liability. Our industry leading facilities maintenance  software minimizes risks to our clients with its inbuilt  Health and Safety compliance.

designing and implementing project policies and processes. We manage operational and capital maintenance projects. We can also manage the process of any lease  related project, including space planning. We can conduct feasibility studies on the utilisation  of space to improve rental return and the functionality of the property.


                 The New Zealand Property Practice mission is to holistically  serve the property industry, by attending to the global needs  of both tenants and landlords. Our experiences in the industry  have shown us that we can do both, and that services that can  are in high demand. We take the time and effort to do things  well, to ensure enduring results and stronger relationships in  the long run. Working with professionalism and accuracy, our  investigations often lead us to systemic oversights that can  be traced back to the commencement of the property’s  management history. Pinpointing underlying inaccuracies  is necessary to achieving holistic and lasting commercial property management. 

               Using this approach, we have reformed  properties with long-standing management shortfalls. Successfully resolving commercial property finances and  system management issues by reviewing the properties’  historic management principles, we can forensically detail any  failings in systems, processes and policies, to the benefit of all. 

              We do not believe in band aid solutions. We pride ourselves  in being able to dig out the root cause, and suggest reparations  and rebuilding options from there. The case studies that follow  illustrate the value of our thorough approach.

Meet Our Management Team

commercial property consultants

anita menzies

managing director

Certification under the New Zealand Council of Legal Education Law prof. (Auckland College of Law) LLB and Architectural Studies (University of Auckland)

property consultant acquisition manager

Aidan menzies

principal property consultant

Certificate of Real Estate Sales TAIPOTINI – Industrial Height Access Certification

property accountant

charles seneviratne

management accountant

Holds a Fellowship at the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, along with a Diploma in Marketing from the Chartered Institute of the United Kingdom. He also holds a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Waikato

commercial property marketing

Anna gates

Property marketing consultant

Background in Media Art from Karlsruhe, Germany, in the Film and Moving Image Departments – the “electronic Bauhaus” of Germany. She holds a Master’s in Media Art (Film)

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