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Commercial property & asset management focused on long term growth.

Commercial Property Consultancy.

Every day, our expert team offer  property advice and tailored  solutions in a wide range of  specialist property consultancy  services. We can assist you  with a stand-alone service or a  tailored package to meet your  specific requirements. With legal and architectural  expertise, and property  management and acquisition  experience, we cover a wide variety of professional  property services, including  commercial property and asset  management. Our extensive  property consultancy service  includes property studies,  property reporting, strategic  planning, and real estate  acquisitions. We assist for  newcomer and established  commercial property owners  and their tenants, as well as  large corporations with complex  infrastructure requirements.

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commercial property consulting

About New Zealand Property Practice.

New Zealand Property Practice is a small, highly skilled commercial property management & consultancy firm who are specialists in the reform of mismanaged or poorly organized commercial properties, assets and asset portfolios. Capabilities cover a wide variety of professional services; including precise commercial property, asset management. Also provides an extensive and in-depth property consultancy service that includes; Property studies, Property Reporting, Strategic Planning, Real Estate Acquisitions for commercial property owners who are starting out as well as large corporations with infrastructure requirements. Strategy and strategic planning for a variety of asset class portfolios is a core skill of New Zealand Property practice. To think, plan and act strategically is the founding principle and this clearly shows in the way that the management of commercial assets is approached by New Zealand Property Practice. New Zealand Property Practice mission is not to be the biggest Commercial Property Management Company in the New Zealand, but our goal is to be the sharpest, we feel this way because of our experiences in the industry showing us that the majority of service providers fall short of an acceptable level of professionalism and accuracy. Our motto has always been to take the time and effort to do the things the right way, and in many instances, we have had to go back to the start of the property’s commercial property management. Which sometimes is a long way. However, to achieve a holistic and lasting solution to any systemic commercial property management error it is the only way. We have reformed many properties with long standing commercial property management shortfalls. We have successfully resolved commercial property finances, and system management issues by reviewing the properties historic commercial property management principles, and forensically detailing any failings in systems, processes and policies. We do not believe in band aid solutions. We pride ourselves in digging to the root cause and repairing or rebuilding from the point of the found problems.

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