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The New Zealand Property Practice mission is to holistically serve the property industry, by attending to the global needs of both tenants and landlords. Our experiences in the industry have shown us that we can do both, and that services that can are in high demand. We take the time and effort to do things well, to ensure enduring results and stronger relationships in the long run. Working with professionalism and accuracy, our investigations often lead us to systemic oversights that can be traced back to the commencement of the property’s management history.

Finding any underlying inaccuracies is necessary to achieving holistic and lasting commercial property management. Using this approach, we have reformed properties with long-standing management shortfalls. Successfully resolving commercial property finances and system management issues by reviewing the properties’ historic management principles, we can forensically detail any failings in systems, processes and policies, to the benefit of all. We do not believe in band aid solutions. We pride ourselves in being able to dig out the root cause, and suggest reparations and rebuilding options from there.

Consulting Services by NZPP

Asset Management

Asset Management services from New Zealand Property Practice focus on managing property assets. Our services encompass the financial management o f an investment property, including management of legal issues. Asset management services can extend t o managing both acquisition and property strategy and the long-term planning o f a property in order to maximise long range profitability.

Consulting Services by NZPP

Financial Management

In addition to delivering quality, accurate financial statements and tax accounting advice, we also offer a range of specialist services to improve your profitability and performance, meet auditing requirements, increase risk management, capitalise on opportunities, develop exit strategies and generally add
financial security and value to your property or property business.

Consulting Services by NZPP

Site Acquisition

We manage the process and stakeholders for projects ranging from essential infrastructure to investment and development. An acquisition and disposal project, designed from concept, is a great tool for generating diverse commercial benefits including research and design of site acquisition campaigns with detailed risk criteria and risk mitigation policies.

Consulting Services by NZPP

Facilities Management

Facilities management consultancy with New Zealand Property Practice will improve property portfolio functionality, comfort, safety and efficiency. We focus on integrating the building functionality, processes, and technology with the buildings occupants.

Consulting Services by NZPP

Property Maintenance

Comprehensive and tailored property maintenance solutions for commercial property. We service and deliver ongoing maintenance projects. From large scale to smaller commercial property maintenance needs to programmed maintenance plans that keep your assets appreciating capital value.

Consulting Services by NZPP

Lease Advisory

Commercial property leasing advice from our NZPP consulting team.
With legal training and experience in space optimisation and property acquisition, we have the tools for the job. Armed with optimisation plans and market knowledge, you can better identify suitable tenants to partner with. With you, we develop a comprehensive leasing strategy.

Specialist Areas.

Operational Expense Budgeting – OPEX

We budget & manage ongoing operational needs including cash flow.

Our proposed focus for any client is to document a comprehensive Better Business Case Model (BBC), with a long term investment focus on reducing operational expenses. Reducing operating expenses can often result in reduced resistance from tenants when it comes time to increase the lease rental. This provides owners with reduced costs and liability, while at the same time maintaining the integrity and value of the asset, buildings and facilities.

Capital Project Expense Budgeting – CAPEX

Capital expense planning & management of capital projects.

New Zealand Property Practice develops a comprehensive Better Business Case (BBC) models. Implementing the BBC model streamlines capital projects and allows us to provide our clients with a clear vision of the future for their assets. It helps set higher and more strategic goals for the property. Where the budgeting plan is strategically aligned and is supported by a compelling case for implementation.

Health & Safety Compliance

Design & implement Health & Safety at Work Act 2015 process.

Our industry experience and understanding of regulatory change allows us to keep up with legislative changes that the commercial property industry undergoes. This means we can minimise our client’s risk of health and safety related liability. Our industry leading facilities maintenance software minimises risks to our clients with its inbuilt
Health and Safety compliance.

Portfolio Strategy & Management

Planning property goals with a portfolio view.

Correct planning and goal setting for portfolios is an important aspect that needs to be taken into consideration when reviewing the day-to-day operation of each individual asset within a portfolio. With a clear and accurate long-term portfolio plan in place, each action, each plan and each decision for each asset can be combined and aligned to ensure that the long-term goal for the owner or operator of the portfolio can be easily realised.

Sourcing of Capital Grant Funding

For projects that are operational and capital in nature.

New Zealand Property Practice has access to and knowledge of various grant funding available through Auckland City Council and certain Local Crown Boards. We research funding availability and suitability, with an aim to procure grant funding where appropriate.

Supplier Contract Management & Procurement

Procure contracts with proper attention to contractual viability.

With our solid connections in supply industries, New Zealand Property Practice has the ability to negotiate competitive utilities, security, maintenance and cleaning costs for each individual premise or the wider building complex. The aim here is to reduce operating and capital cost, and in turn add value to the property by increasing revenue generation options. We ensure that maintenance contracts are expertly negotiated and in place to provide the most cost-effective price for the service provided.

Commercial Property Management.

We review the historic data of each property or portfolio when we take over management. We identify, address and remediate any recurring problems. By rectifying issues ignored under previous management, we gain the trust of our tenants who are in turn happier to shoulder their share of responsibilities. We took over a property from a well-known commercial property management company. Along with the property, we inherited an ongoing battle between the previous manager and a restaurant tenant over unpaid opex and rent. After sifting through historical documents and communications, we quickly ascertained that the previous property manager had not investigated the tenant’s complaints. Instead, they had immediately threatened legal action under the Deed of Lease and the Property Law Act 2007.

After completing a full survey and report, we were able to address the tenant’s complaints, which they were within their rights to make. Within three weeks of taking over, we had settled a three year long dispute and had all arrears up to date. These amounted to more than $45,000 in rent and opex. Moreover, we retained a valuable tenant for the complex. New Zealand Property Practice’s holistic approach to commercial assets paid off. Our managing director’s legal background and thorough understanding of the law meant we could be judicial about employing threats and litigation, and seek more appropriate and less costly remedies in the meantime. With this in mind, we can implement solutions that are in the best interests of both owners and tenants.

Why New Zealand Property Practice?

We are committed to excellence, and make sure our property consulting is always focused on solutions for our clients.

Upholding industry standards is important to us. That’s why our staff are members of the following professional
associations, either through a company membership or as individual members.

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    Research & Resources.

    Maintenance Planning & Maintenance Plans.

    For any structure that is exposed to the elements and is intended to remain for an extended period of time maintenance is a key factor, we cannot expect anything to remain the way it was built for very long. This is because its simplest form a building or structure is a shelter and it is…

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    Commercial Property Management & Asset Management.

    What is commercial property and asset management? The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors defines a property manager as “any person, who, in the course of a business (including a business in which he or she is employed), is instructed to manage an interest in real estate on behalf of the owner of the interest” ISO…

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    Why Appoint a Commercial Property Manager.

    WHY HAVE A PROFESSIONAL COMMERCIAL PROPERTY MANAGER? When I come to managing your commercial property, you may be self-managing your commercial property, or you may have appointed a day-to-day Maintenance Manager. Having the rent and opex collected or having the property well maintained is only an excellent start to getting the best possible return from…

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    Alucobond the Exposé

    Aulcobond panels have been used as a cladding material and system for quite some time now, they have graced our industrial offices, retail premises, residential apartment buildings and even some residential homes in varying degrees. The building industry had first started using these panels in the early nineties and the from a design perspective they…

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    Addressing Existing Issues.

    We look into the historic data of each property and/or portfolio when we take over management, this give us the ability to look at what has been occurring and quickly address and remediate any ongoing problems that have not been resolved. In many cases we find that we are able to rectify problems or issues…

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    Lease Trend Analysis, Strategy, Planning & Leasing

    The same historic research that we do on issues, we do for all areas of the asset, some of the key areas include financial performance and review of all contracts for service and all leases past and present. The historic lease data is very important as when a new manager takes on an asset they…

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    About Us

    Every day, our expert team offer property advice and tailored solutions in a wide range of specialist property consultancy services. We can assist you with a stand-alone service or a tailored package to meet your specific requirements.

    With accounting, legal, building maintenance and architectural expertise, along with property management and acquisition experience, we cover a wide variety of professional property services, including commercial property and asset management.

    Our extensive property consultancy service includes property studies, property reporting, strategic planning, and real estate acquisitions. We assist newcomer and established commercial property owners and their tenants, as well as large corporations with complex infrastructure requirements. Our clients range from large NZX listed companies, Auckland City Council, large multi million dollar investors, through to mum and dad investors.

    Meet Our Team.

    Anita Menzies

    Architectural Studies & Law (Auckland)
    Enrolled Barrister & Solicitor

    Anita is an alumni of Baradene College where she initiated a number of Fine Art projects including works for the Americas Cup regatta. She has a background in Architectural Studies, Law and Project Management. The focus and vision she contributes to the industry has enabled New Zealand Property Practice to become a highly efficient and professional consultancy that is able to specialise in reformation and getting back on track the most difficult commercial property and portfolio situations. She is an excellent commercial property manager focused in reform and getting things done right the first time. For those properties and complexes she has been involved in she has successfully reduced crime, increased tenant’s profitability and raise the value of the properties.

    Charles Seneviratne

    Financial Adviser
    CIMA-Dip Marketing & FCMA (UK), MBA (NZ)Position

    Charles holds a Fellowship at the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, along with a Diploma in Marketing from the Chartered Institute of the United Kingdom. He also holds a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Waikato. Negotiating funds with banks and with other stakeholders is where Charles excels. He has a robust background in financial consulting in areas involving fast-moving consumer goods, education, retirement, religion, and engineering. He has worked with Woolworths, Foodstuffs, Coles Supermarkets (AUS), Anglican Diocese Auckland and also Ngāti Whātua-o-Ōrākei. His skill and experience is diverse and capable. In his management accounting practice, he likes to focus on business process management. His goal is always to provide cost reduction with improved quality of delivery. He has an exclusive Australasian partnership with John Keels Group, one of the largest conglomerates in South Asia. The group services John Keels supermarkets, Heritage luxury hotel properties and a variety of businesses.

    Aidan Menzies

    Acquisition & Maintenance Manager
    Certificate of Real Estate Sales
    TAIPOTINI – Industrial Height Access Certification

    Aidan is an alumni of Saint Kentigern College where he excelled in First Fifteen Rugby. As a specialist property consultant, he has worked with some of the country’s largest infrastructure organisations, including Vodafone, 2Degrees and the rural Connectivity Group (RCG), adding to their property portfolio strategy and helping them to acquire assets. Aidan is an expert negotiator of Sale & Purchase Agreements, Agreements to Lease and Property Supplier Service Agreements. He is experienced project management of capital works such as water leak remediation.

    Anna Gates

    Digital & Marketing Consultant
    Master’s in Media Art (Karlsruhe, Germany)
    NZ Digital Art Awards Finalist

    Anna is an alumni of Kristin School, where she achieved top 2% in the International Baccalaureate Examinations. Anna’s short film The State is a Lady has been translated into six languages and won acclaim at film and video art festivals across Europe, India and North America. She is a former NZ Digital Art Awards Finalist. She holds a wealth of media and graphic expertise from her experience working for production house Kasbah Films in Morocco and for German fiction and documentary filmmakers. Anna’s marketing and digital experience is a valuable asset to any property portfolio.